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Coffin Breakers (SoB)

Smashing through their wooden coffins and digging their way back to the surface, some undead nightmares refuse to stay in their graves. Known as Coffin Breakers, these skeletal fiends scratch and claw their way out of the rocky ground to bring death and destruction to the world of the living! Armed with rusty graveyard tools as weapons and the splintered remains of their wooden coffins as shields, these deadly foes were once bandits and horse thieves in life, condemned to the grave for their crimes. Now they have risen back from the dead, driven by the cold, unrelenting desire for revenge!

This Enemy Pack contains everything you need to battle the ghastly Undead Coffin Breakers. Included are 6 Coffin Breaker models, the large Enemy Record Sheet for them, and all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your games of Shadows of Brimstone.

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Coffin Breakers (SoB)
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