Castles By the Sea

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Description is not yet available.In this spatial puzzler from Brotherwise Games you must lead your kingdom of Shorelings to victory by building castles of sand and stone. You’ll then have to deploy your structures and figures as quickly as possible to guard your castles before the hazards of beach life tear them down. The cleverest builder will claim the most territory and grow their kingdom the fastest, but remember, danger lurks around every corner; your kingdom won’t last forever! Castles by the Sea is perfect for fans of Santorini, King Domino, and other puzzlers. The light-hearted theme and magnificent table presence will make it a hit for retailers and players alike.

Ages 13+
2-4 players
30-45 minute playtime

40 Wooden Player Pieces With 48 Piece Variant Cards
36 Hazard Cards And Tokens
26 Castle Cards
4 Player Mats
50 Wooden Sand Cubes
8 Wooden Stone Cubes
Turn Tracking Board And Turn Counter
Modular Game Board
Custom Hazard Die

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Castles By the Sea
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