Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands Survival Guide

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In the Borderlands Survival Guide, GMs will find a plethora of variant and optional rules for horrifying diseases, the crippling effects of fear and madness, and hostile environments to put unwary adventurers to the test. The Borderlands Survival Guide, presented by famed monster hunter Alten Ashley and a collection of experts on everything the Iron Kingdoms and its borderlands have in store, has countless ways to surprise even experienced adventurers, including a horde of never-before-seen monsters to test every last ounce of your players' resolve.

The Borderlands Survival Guide introduces a host of new rules systems to Iron Kingdoms: Requiem:
- All-new rules for managing diseases, the toll of fear and stress, and building weapons from the ground up.
- Guidance for Game Masters to create all kinds of adventures set in the Borderlands regions.
- A host of new monsters for every region of the Borderlands, from the misty Glimmerwood to the sun-baked Bloodstone Marches.

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Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands Survival Guide
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