Boonlake: Artifacts Expansion

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For some weeks, all sorts of treasure hunters have been scurrying around Boonlake. Odd artifacts that were found in the lake have attracted your attention. They are of a special nature and require a strange form of energy source. It seems as if they are powered by a Variable Atomic System Energy - in short, V.A.S.E. Since you have found out that vases provide an opportunity to generate electricity, they have gained a completely new significance in Boonlake.
So, build a shipyard and start retrieving the treasures!

Boonlake: Artifacts features a new Lake gameboard that gives players more options to gain bonuses and points throughout the game. Additionally, players can now build a shipyard to unlock access to powerful artifacts. With over 50 new Project cards, Boonlake: Artifacts provides players with new strategies to pursue in Boonlake!

Boonlake is required to play this expansion.

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Boonlake: Artifacts Expansion
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