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BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid

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The Battle of Tukayyid brings players back to this gargantuan conflict, allowing them to relive one of BattleTech's most pivotal moments. It builds off of the Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars framework to unleash a massive experience players will enjoy across dozens of games. Each of the seven campaigns within includes the following: a short fiction entry and write-up of the battle, including a map of the regions; the specific Combatants involved, along with insignia; and details to allow players to play out each campaign on their tabletop. Finally, a technical readout section showcases 'Mech variants that first appeared during this conflict.

This Chaos Campaign puts you as the hero -- Aidan Pryde, Anastatius Focht, and others -- of the battle. Do you have what it takes to lead the Smoke Jaguars to victory, or will you repeat the failure of the Diamond Sharks? Or can you find a way to defeat the indomitable Clan Wolf? You will decide.

For use with: Clan Invasion box set, MapPack: Battle of Tukayyid, and compatible with Total Warfare and Alpha Strike.

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BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid
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