Battle Mats: Untold Encounters of the Random Kind

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This Book is for tabletop roleplaying Game & Dungeon Masters to generate ideas, encounters and even entire adventures for their games.

1000+ Random Encounters

Fully 5E Compatible

6 mini 5E Pre-Written Adventures

This 340+ page book not only offers 1000+ random encounters but also provides a 5E conversion guide. AND offers random roll tables throughout.

As well as the random encounters, Untold Encounters also provides mechanics for building Dungeons and designing Town & Wilderness adventures from scratch using the encounters in this book to progress the plot.

This Book is not a roleplay game in itself. It is designed to work with your existing and preferred system. We provide a 5E translation in addition to our system agnostic mechanics which are fully adaptable to and RPG System.

The book contains a code to download a FREE digital copy from DriveThruRPG.

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Battle Mats: Untold Encounters of the Random Kind
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