Bare Bones Learn to Paint Kit: Layer Up

Learn to Paint Kit: Layer Up! includes everything you need to start painting, including:
11 Bottles of MSP Core Colors and MSP Bones Paints:
09007 Marigold Yellow
09042 Dark Highlight
09231 Heather Blue
09401 Dragon Red
09436 Bleached Linen
09440 Ebony Flesh
09444 Tawny Flesh
09449 Dragon Bronze
09453 Filigree Silver
09468 Brilliant Red
09476 Woodland Brown

2 Brushes (#1 Round, #3/0 Round)

3 Bones Miniatures (77068 - Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard, 77134 - Hajad, Pirate, 77167 - Ingrid, Female Gnome)

1 Empty MSP paint bottle

1 Easy to follow Instruction Guide by award-winning painter Rhonda Bender.

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Bare Bones Learn to Paint Kit: Layer Up
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