Bang! Dynamite Box

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Whether you're a sheriff, a bandit or a brawler of the worst kind, in the Wild West you can only believe in two things: gunpowder and dynamite!

This explosive BANG! box includes 8 legendary expansions, for a disrupting gaming experience!

Ages 10+
3-8 players
20-40 minute play time

BANG! (base game)
BANG! The Great Train Robbery – Expansion
BANG! Dodge City – Expansion
BANG! Gold Rush – Expansion
BANG! Armed & Dangerous – Expansion
BANG! Expansion Pack:
BANG! Wild West Show – Expansion
BANG! The Valley of Shadows – Expansion
BANG! High Noon + A fistful of cards – Expansion
The Stick of Dynamite – To be used in a game variant
34 Wooden Bullets
8 premium Dual Layer Boards
Extra Content Slot
Extra Cards: Annie Versary, Emiliano, and special characters from BANG! The Bullet!
A single book for the rules

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Bang! Dynamite Box
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