Starcadia Quest: Arrrmada

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Piracy is an incredibly old profession that thrives as well in the deep reaches of space as it does on the surface of the briny deep. Opportunistic cutthroats are more than ready to relieve any passing spaceship of its cargo. Any sort of distraction can be used as a chance to pounce, and the attacks of Supreme Commander Thorne are just what Captain Wet Willy has been waiting for.

The ARRRmada expansion for Starcadia Quest brings a whole new host of trouble for the Crews. Space Pirate Captain Wet Willy has united all the different pirate groups under his command and he’s taking the chance to go raiding. The Crews will have their hands full battling these new enemies that can be added to any scenario. Or, players can test their space-legs in an all-new campaign to stop the salty space dog once and for all.

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Starcadia Quest: Arrrmada
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