Animal Adventures: Animals of the Faraway Sea

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Set sail on your next roleplaying adventure as an awakened animal bursting with character! From an orangutan tinkermage to an albatross wizard, each critter has been lovingly designed with a classic fantasy roleplaying class in mind.

Inside this box you’ll find eleven fully assembled, highly detailed miniatures ready to paint or play. These animals are compatible with all fantasy roleplaying games and can be used as player characters, companions, or familiars. The choice is yours!

Arville, the Albatross Wizard
Bucky, the Rabbit Monk
Joker, the Orangutan Tinkermage
Kinya, the Baby Goat Druid
Osric, the Sea Otter Cleric
Pan, the Alpaca Bard
Paprika, the Red Panda Fighter
Tambal, the Goat Paladin
Broome, the Koala Druid,
Tusk, the Pig Barbarian
Whiskers, the Fox Sorcerer

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Animal Adventures: Animals of the Faraway Sea
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