7-Set Translucent Prism GM & Beginner Player

Our GM and Beginner Player Polyhedral 7-Die Sets will be a great learning tool for new players unfamiliar with the different shapes of polyhedral dice. The idea behind these sets is that a GM can simply state the color of the die (for example Teal d6) so the new player can easily identify and learn these shapes while roleplaying. Prism Translucent - While this set can also be used as a teaching tool for new players, it is more aesthetically pleasing with our high-quality Translucent dice. When the dice are laid out by shape, from d20 to d4, there is a rainbow effect as if light were passing through a prism.

1 d4
1 d6
1 d8
1 d10
1 d%
1 d12
1 d20

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7-Set Translucent Prism GM & Beginner Player
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