7-Set Opaque Nostalgia GM & Beginner Player

Our GM and Beginner Player Polyhedral 7-Die Sets will be a great learning tool for new players unfamiliar with the different shapes of polyhedral dice. The idea behind these sets is that a GM can simply state the color of the die (for example Red d6) so the new player can easily identify and learn these shapes while roleplaying. Nostalgia Opaque - The dice colors of this set were chosen based upon the dice included in a classic RPG. That set did not contain either the d10 die or the Tens 10 die. This set will have those included as Black dice. One with white numbers and one with red. The idea behind this is that a GM wanting a percentile roll can simply tell the player to roll both black dice.

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7-Set Opaque Nostalgia GM & Beginner Player
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