Zarbag's Gitz (WH Underworlds)

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The Moonclan Shaman Zarbag and his scuttling band are an infestation spreading through the heart of the Mirrored City. While looting the ruins of Shadespire, Zarbag sniffed out a tantalising aroma indeed ¥ towering clusters of deffcap mushrooms! The Shaman has taken it upon himself to spread this noxious fungus far and wide, drawing more and more of his numberless kin into the Mirrored City.

Introduce a new and unique warband to your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault and take advantage of new and different ways to play ¥ whatever warband you use ¥ with this set of miniatures and cards. It includes 9 rather eccentric, deffcap-addled Grots miniatures and a deck of 60 cards, 31 of which are universal to be used by any and every warband ¥ add these cards to your arsenal and build your perfect deck.

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Zarbag's Gitz (WH Underworlds)
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