Wilderness Book of Battle Mats

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Attention Adventurers! The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats are 2 Wilderness fantasy themed tabletop RPG map books full of modular maps!

Create your own wild areas with 2 books that line up to create endless layouts, giving you a 24" x 24" map area from books that fit in your bag! Reduce your game prep time with these portable maps!

Wipe clean with a 1" grid design, the 360° spine allows the book to fold completely in half if space is tight, or lay dead flay so your adventure can unfold in front of you.

With imagination sparking designs, The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats are reusable for a limitless number of wild encounters.

With perilous forest paths, stormy coastal inlets, expansive grasslands, icy tundra and deserts, the wilderness is waiting for you!

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Wilderness Book of Battle Mats
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