Silver Coin

Silver Coin is the third stand-alone game in the Silver Series by Ted Alspach. This series of fast and engaging card games come with a memory and werewolf twist!

In Silver Coin you'll find 14 all new roles and abilities. Isn't it the worst when you blindly discard a #0 just to have the next person pick it up from the discard? Don't you wish you could con another turn and get that #0 back? The Con Man (#1) allows you to flip itself facedown to take another turn! Is there a face up card in your opponent's village that they are using too effectively? Maybe a passing Assassin (#8) can quietly take care of that for you. Silver Coin offers some incredible new roles we think you'll flip for!

Combine with other Silver decks; each has unique abilities to combine with this deck or play as a stand-alone game.

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Silver Coin
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