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Shanty Town Core Set

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This box contains everything you need to build a multi-level gaming board covering an area 2' x 2' / (600mm x 600mm), suitable for all 28-35mm post-apocalyptic or contemporary games out in the wasteland. All the pieces are modular and can be assembled in any combination you choose for a different set-up every time. The set can be expanded with other sets from the Battle Systems terrain range.

The terrain is supplied flat-packed on high-quality, high-density card, printed in full colour on both sides, so no painting required! The terrain requires assembly, and some smaller parts will require glue.

1 Printed Neoprene Gaming Mat 2' x 2' / 600mm x 600mm
42 Assorted Walls
20 Standard Walls
5 Wide Hatchway Walls & Doors
5 Hatchway & Window Walls & Doors
2 Angled Walls
10 Half Walls
16 Roof/Floor Tiles
8 Half Roof/Floor Tiles
2 Trapezoid Roof/Floor Tiles
30 Cover Struts
5 Entry Panel Struts
8 Curved Struts
2 Assorted Canopies
32 Assorted Railings
4 Staircases
1 Fire Escape
9 Ladders
2 Sofas
2 Armchairs
1 Double Bed
1 Wardrobe
4 Chairs
1 Filing Cabinet
1 Dining Table
1 Office Desk
7 Pallets
3 Cargo Crates
1 Mailbox
1 Vending Machine
1 Park Bench
2 Fence Panels
1 Road Barrier
4 Works Barriers
5 Makeshift Barriers
1 Shipping Container
2 Air-con Units
2 Barricading Planks
3 Fridges
4 Dumpsters
3 Manhole Covers
2 Office Chairs
1 Television
1 Billboard
1 Retail Shelf Unit
12 Assorted Signs
4 Wall Lights
1 Lookout Tower
2 Outbuildings
120 Plastic Clips

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Shanty Town Core Set
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