Seraphon Realmshaper Engine

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There are no lengths the Seraphon will not go to in order to see the Great Plan fulfilled. At a Starmaster¥s decree, Realmshaper Engines are deployed to remake reality in line with the Old Ones¥ will, rendering the lands a primordial haven for the lizardfolk and a sweltering, inhospitable nightmare for their foes.

The very battlefield itself is yours to remake with the Realmshaper Engine ¥ a massive scenery piece that¥s ideal for Seraphon armies or those looking to build sprawling temple-complexes in the Mortal Realms. Whether hosting a garrison of Seraphon troops, smiting enemies with the land itself or just making for an interesting bit of tactical terrain to battle over, it¥s a cracking addition to your scenery collection.

This set builds one Realmshaper Engine. Thanks to innovative design, you can build a squeaky-clean version of this massive edifice, or one covered in thick vines and foliage ¥ perfect for distinguishing between Coalesced and Starborne Realmshaper Engines. Combine several sets to make an impressive temple-city of your own!

This set is supplied in 42 plastic components.

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Seraphon Realmshaper Engine
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