Santa on Ice Dice Set (Hinge Cube)


If this guy can manage to fit down your chimney, are you really surprised that he slid his way into dice?  Just a little FYI: These dice are larger than normal sized dice! Sized at 20mm, vs 16mm Standard Size. Comparison to a normal 16mm D6 shown in picture 4

Note: Being oversize, they will not fit in all of the gift boxes.

7 Dice Set Includes:

  • D4   - 26mm
  • D6   - 20mm
  • D8   - 18mm
  • D10 - 20mm
  • D%  - 20mm
  • D12 - 22mm
  • D20 - 26mm

Material: Resin

*Limited inventory, will not be restocking

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Santa on Ice Dice Set (Hinge Cube)
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