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Roll for It Deluxe


Roll For It! Deluxe combines the fast-paced action of Roll For It! with the beauty of Calliope's iconic artwork. The Deluxe edition combines the contents of both the red and purple games and now supports 2-8 players ages 8+ and plays in 20-40 minutes.

Included are 48 stunning dice, a crushed velvet dice bag embroidered with the Roll For It! logo, and 60 exquisitely detailed cards featuring your favorite Calliope characters. The Deluxe edition is presented in a beautifully embossed tin with a hinged lidÑthe rich flocked interior of which doubles as a dice trayÑand fits perfectly into your back pocket, making Roll For It! Deluxe the perfect choice for gamers on the move.

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Roll for It Deluxe
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