RIFTS: Coalition Navy


An in depth look at the burgeoning power of the Coalition Navy, its mecha, subs, ships, weapons, troops and organization.

  • Coalition Navy O.C.C.s, ranks and objectives.
  • Sea SAMAS, Trident power armor, Sea-Spider Walker, Navy body armor and other equipment.
  • CS warships, submarines, patrol boats, and water sleds.
  • Key CS bases, commanders, and operations.
  • Pirate, Slaver and Privateer O.C.C.s.
  • Notable monster of the lakes and seas.
  • Maps, world information, and adventure ideas.
  • Written by Patrick Nowak with Kevin Siembieda.
  • Art by Perez & Breaux Jr.; cover by Zeleznik.
  • 128 pages.

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RIFTS: Coalition Navy
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