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Lord-Aquilor (Stormcast)

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Commanders of the Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers, the Lord-Aquilors are masters of the hunt, tracking their foes across the Mortal Realms as they ride the winds aetheric. When the foe is cornered, the Lord-Aquilor will strike with their starbound blade, channelling their hatred of the enemies of Order into every blow as their Gryph-charger savages the opponent with beak and claws.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble a Lord-Aquilor, mounted on a Gryph-charger and armed with a starbound blade, shock handaxe and heavy boltstorm pistol. He comes with a choice of bare or helmeted head, and a selection of accessories ¥ a rope, grapple and bed roll ¥ that can be used to decorate the Gryph-charger¥s saddle. A magical astral compass can be attached to the pommel of his saddle.

This kit contains 32 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 90x52mm Oval base.

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Lord-Aquilor (Stormcast)
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