Holland '44

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Holland '44 is a two-player game depicting the AlliesÕ combined ground and airborne attack in the Netherlands during WWII, which was code named Operation Market-Garden.

The game starts with the airborne landings on September 17th and continues until September 23rd. The Allied player must rush his ground forces forward as fast as possible to relieve his beleaguered airborne divisions and capture a bridge across the Rhine.

Each day has three turnsÑtwo daylight turns representing 6 hours each and one night turn representing 12 hours. The total length of the game is 20 turns. A short scenario covering the first critical 10 turns is included.

The scale of the map is 2 kilometers per hex and covers the battlefield from the Belgium border to Arnhem. The map also includes the area where the British 8th Corps fought on the right flank of 30th Corps.

Most units in Holland Ô44 are battalions, but some company size units are included.

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Holland '44
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