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Deadlands: Lost Colony Boxed Set (SW)

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Deadlands: Lost Colony Boxed Set. Deadlands Lost Colony is a roleplaying game setting for the Deadlands universe and uses the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game system. It takes place in 2097, thirteen years after the Last War in Deadlands Hell on Earth. Hellstromme Industries created a “Tunnel” between Earth and a distant star system later called Faraway. Millions of colonists settled on asteroid mining stations and the only inhabitable planet, Banshee, before the Tunnel collapsed and left them stranded. Now the humans must fend for themselves against a rogue military, ruthless pirates, angry anouks, the rise of an evil alien presence, and worst of all, the arrival of the Reckoners—made flesh on Earth and exiled to Banshee!

Box Set includes:

Deadlands Lost Colony hardcover, full color, graphic novel sized, 192 pages **
Deadlands: Lost Colony GM Screen + Widowmaker Adventure **
Deadlands: Lost Colony Bennies (Set of 25)
Deadlands: Lost Colony Dice (Set of 7)
6 Harrowed cards
12 Archetype cards
12 Powers cards

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Deadlands: Lost Colony Boxed Set (SW)
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