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Conan the Pirate (Conan RPG)

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Detailed within these pages are the countries up and down the coast of the Western Sea — proud Zingara, wealthy Argos, the western reaches of Shem and Stygia, all the way down to fearsome Kush and the Black Kingdoms — as the setting for pirate-based campaigns. 

With this volume, CONAN characters can embark on campaigns of piracy, plunder, and high adventure! So, unsheathe your cutlass and ready yourself for a boarding action, to seize plunder and glory for your captain and fellow buccaneers! 

New archetypes such as the Marine, Galley Slave, Merchant Captain, and Smuggler round out the archetypes from the CONAN corebook. 

Pirate-themed talents, backgrounds, and gear, allowing you to create your own unique pirate characters, ready to plunder from the wealthy. 

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Conan the Pirate (Conan RPG)
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