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Conan: The Barbarian (Conan RPG)

Please note this is a supplement, not the full game

Conan the Barbarian features the countries of the north: Asgard, Vanaheim, Hyperborea, and Conan’s own homeland of Cimmeria. These rough lands stand in stark contrast to their more civilized neighbors in the south, and the folk of these countries possess a savage vitality that has long been lost elsewhere.

These lands and people survived the great Cataclysm, yet barbarism is still the dominant way of life. Many people in the Hyborian kingdoms think these northern lands near mythical, but contained in these pages is a hoard of legend, lore, and facts for the gamemaster and players alike, to explore and adventure within these harsh and unforgiving kingdoms.

So sharpen your axe-blade and keep your shield held high, for it is a time of barbaric glory!

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Conan: The Barbarian (Conan RPG)
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