Ariadna Sourcebook (Infinity RPG)

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ARIADNA FACTION BOOK Learn all the dark secrets of the lost colony of Dawn – from the fractious nations of Ariadna to the mysterious depths of the Exclusion Zone.  Expanded Lifepath options for Caledonia, Merovingia, USAriadna, and Rodina bring your human characters to life, with advanced options for the alien Antipodes, the furious Dogfaces, and the rebellious Wulvers. A custom Merchant campaign structure, suitable for both frontier Ariadna and interstellar companies, brings a whole new dynamic to your campaign, with new equipment, talents, and faction-specific rules.

112-page colour softback sourcebook for Ariadna and the planet Dawn. Expanded Lifepath options, rules for playing alien Antipodes (plus Dogfaces and Wulvers!), and a custom campaign structure for merchant traders!

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Ariadna Sourcebook (Infinity RPG)
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