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Apocalypse Prevention 2nd Ed.

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Join the fight to protect Earth by enlisting in API, a worldwide company whose only mission is to stop anyone or anything who wants to harm our world. Humanity doesn't fight this battle alone, as monsters and demons have given up their lurking to serve the alongside the company. This is their home too!

Each API agent (20 playable races) is armed with the tools for the job. Some become adepts, followers of traditions teach  18 Paths of customizable magic. Some go under the knife to enhance their body with one of over  30 Cyberware implants. Some master combat training from one of  10 types of Fighting Styles. Most agents wade the waters between these three extremes, taking advantage of the almost limitless combinations of powers at their disposal.

Powered by the the  Dynamic Gaming System 2.0 (DGS2.0), every mission is filled with excitement and drama, and every battle is immersive! All you need is 1d20 and an imagination to jump into the action. Includes plenty of character creation options, antagonists to battle and an in-depth view of our modern world through the eyes of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

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Apocalypse Prevention 2nd Ed.
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